Entang Wiharso

Entang Wiharso

Geo Portrait

Published by: Primae Noctis Art Gallery
Back from numerous international exhibitions, from the Mori Art Museum inTokyo to the Singapore Art Museum, the artist is internationally regarded as one of the most representatives of the art of South-East Asia.
In the work of Entang Wiharso the artist's personal experiences are combined with a deep analysis of the socio-political conditions of his country. The creation is a way of understanding the human condition, to streng then our ability to perceive, feel and understand human problems such as love, hatred, fanaticism, religion and ideology.
"My works speak about the condition of human beings who are often divided by politics, ethnics, racial and religion: they still coexist even if their communication is limited and indirect."
The complex artistic language used is composed of symbols and characters that evoke the history and the mythology of his country and in particular the island of Java.In the exhibition at Primae Noctis, Entang Wiharso, presents a new series of works: aluminum pieces, sculptures and paintings that analyze the identity of collective and individual human experiences.