Alessandro Brighetti

Alessandro Brighetti

Smoother Delight

Published by: Primae Noctis Art Gallery
Extract from the essay
(...) Awe and wonder play an important role in the work of AlessandroBrighetti. If this was not the case the decision to use ferrofluids as the basisfor his latest works would be at the least reckless and dangerous. Thisdense glossy black liquid, a mixture of iron nanoparticles surrounded by anionic surfactant dissolved in oil, is a challenging material that in the wronghands would be capable of literally devouring the work. Magical and captivating, the very ambiguity of this magnetically charged liquid wants toimpose itself as the message. When it isn't, as is evident in Brighetti'swork, it has to be used very skilfully to make sure it does not become theexclusive focus of the viewer's attention, a source of childlike wonder.
Brighetti possesses this skill, and we could almost say that he possesses it paradoxically, because his preoccupations are not exclusively those of avisual artist tackling a new material. "Artist experimenter" [10] Brighetti creates his ferrofluids with the help of a chemist friend, studies his mediumwith enthusiasm and dedication and knows it inside out; he appropriatesthe science required to dominate it, and his knowledge of it goes beyondthe use he makes of it in his works. With the preoccupations and ambitionsof a physicist, he states: "I am fascinated by the other and the non ordinary.
I want to go beyond perception, beyond man's physiologicallimits. I want to explore the "ultra" and the "infra": the ultra sensitive, ultraviolet, ultrasound, infrared…" [11]
He gets his hands dirty.