Marco Meneguzzo

Essere non qui

We need to make some reflections about the title chosen by Mazzucconi “essere non qui - being not here”. The choise in the order of words makes the reading slow down and convert a "not being here" in something completely different, because it can be divided into "being" and "not here", as well as into "being not" and "here", so that, in both cases, it focuses on the fact of being and not in a simple reference of a place.
You can stop expressing your thoughts, but not thinking, especially if this dangerous attitude has been practised for long before stopping. 
Marco Mazzucconi is a clear example: he is a brilliant inventor of forms since 1985, he was a recognised promise of the young Italian art, but for almost twenty years he remained silent.
In this exhibition he presents some of his bright new works which show that his thought has continued to create forms even in those years of silence.