19/04 - 31/05/2012

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Group exhibition: Simone Bergantini / Paolo Cavinato
"Sinestetica" is the inaugural exhibition of Primae Noctis Art Gallery, the purpose of this art space will be to present the most interesting artists on the international scene, from East to West.The exhibition presents a selection of three emerging Italian artists -Simone Bergantini, Alessandro Brighetti and Paolo Cavinato - which standout for their fine linguistical and conceptual research.The term sinestetica (synaesthesia) refers to those situations in which anauditory, olfactory, tactile or visual stimulation is perceived as distinct sensory moment but cohabiting with the others. About synaesthetic,Franco Angeli says that "can be understood as the ability to perceive andto enable the interconnection of the different senses and feelings them together." The contemporary man is usually subjected to multi-sensorial stimulation, therefore synesthesia is a flow in which escape is inevitable.A greater knowledge of our senses is the only way to avoid the risk of becoming passive recipients and to avoid the illusion of seeing everything.The sight does not give a comprehensive understanding of reality and the art, real synesthesia, is the medium that, more than any other, may involvethe spectator in an absorbing and exciting experience."Sinestetica" exhibition wants to challenge the notion: vision is exclusively"see" something. The artworks, ambitious and elusive, fleeing from an exclusive and immediate reading. A participant observer is required by the artworks, because they force him, through the rediscovery of his forgotten perceptual abilities, to a deep reflection and to an awareness of himself.The silent spaces of Paolo Cavinato, the elusive Mr and Mrs Smith ofSimone Bergantini and the "scientific iconographic bulimia " of Alessandro Brighetti are the first night of a new exhibition experience, through which the public can talk to the art space, understand the relationship between art and space and taste this aesthetic esperience to create original and unexpected connections.
Exhibition view