And We Were Like Those Who Dream

14/03 - 26/04/2013

past exhibitions

And We Were Like Those Who Dream

Solo exhibition: Donna Ong

Approaching Donna Ong's works is like start reading Italo Calvino InvisibleCities.Calvino, in his pages, through the cities, "through the walls and towersdestined to crumble, (can show) the tracery of a pattern so subtle it couldescape the bite of termites", so, layer by layer, object after object, throughtranslucent images and soft light, the works of Donna Ong reproduce anew world, which is nestled between the remains of our daily lives, whichwe can not help but wonder at every glance."And We Were Like Those Who Dream" will carry you into a childishdream, presenting a new series of seven cabinets that let appear insidemarvelous new settings reconstructed on plexiglass layers.

Many of Donna Ong's installations reverberate the rich solitude of childhood, in which every object has itself, again, magic and fascination,secrecy and meaning. Here, every detail has a fundamental and foundational value, without which there couldn't be everything.In fact, a work of inexorable pursuit of fine illustrations of printers and publishers of the past, images of museum critical texts, figures of sacred books and antique books, underlies the production of these works.

The perfect combination of a technical operation of cutting and gluing on different levels of plexiglass, of the translucent and soft light, of a delicate selection of every detail, is a basic element for the birth of this evocative charm in this place of memory.Indeed, Donna Ong's artworks are places of silent soliloquies, whispered through the childish desire to escape from mundane reality, in which is laid bare a magical encounter with the intimate secret of a precious thought, a memory desired, in which the reality is suspended to create the inner life of the artist.In this exhibition, the artistic gesture enacts a glimpse through the history of these illustrations, it enables a discussion on the previous value, and,through a deep research and reflection, it reassembles and displays them in a new context of emblems, presenting them with new wallpapers, thus creating new illusions of images partly known and partly not.