Institute of Intimate Museums - Mirror Mirror

11/12/2014 - 30/01/2015

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Institute of Intimate Museums - Mirror Mirror

Solo exhibition: Kenji Sugiyama
Kenji Sugiyama's work ensue from a long research, started on 1995.In his artworks, Sugiyama, reconstructing the visual perception as beingRussian dolls, restrict the viewer to a smaller visual field to experience ameta viewing and evoke his memory of the past and his personalexperience.Deconstructing the title and analyzing terms we can understand the artistthinking.Institute - recall an institution, an entity created for certain purposes, a setof coordinated rules in order to achieve a goal.Intimate Museums - Museums are public institutions, places for art,recognized and recognizable spaces of the collective memory, but callingthem Intimate arouse the individual subjectivity and uniqueness, evokingthe experiential memory.Mirror Mirror - The mirror is substantial part of Sugiyama's works, filter forvision and illusion through which each image and work is forced.The works Inside and Outside, enact circular paths, from being object ofobservation lead to observing and again to be the subject of an observationmore intimate and personal, within the work of art itself.Through these circular paths, the visitor is asked to recreate his ownMuseums, remembering what has been previously visited, what has beenlived and experienced, reconstructing the memory.As Proust stated, time, interior or exterior, is always tied to the past, but, atthe same time, is a time which tends to the present. The proustianepiphany, the memory solicited by a casual feeling that evokes the pastwith no locical proceedings and lets feel as contemporary that past, is whatSugiyama proposes in his works, bringing the viewer's to awake theconsciousness, for a new awareness of the act of seeing, of feeling andremember, to understand that this new experience is totally andinescapably personal and unique.Sugiyama's art and his "Institute", tell us about these enclosed spaces,circumscribed and exclusive, about his "Museums", so essentially commonand public, yet so intimate and quiet, the ideal places to capture the inner experience.
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