He Wei

29/10 - 24/11/2015

past exhibitions

He Wei

"How many times we have worn a mask to hide our real selves in order to unleash our original desires?"

There are many things we don't understand in life.Life itself, humanity, love: we look at the appearance and we try to discoverthe real essence of things.The reason why we came to life, the reason of our worries…What is love? What is the meaning of life?Probably we will not be able to understand these matters until our death.Every human being lives with these doubts: they could upset us but at theend we desire only the best for each other, pure and sincere love, asatisfying and happy life. All of this is difficult to achieve because everyoneis under society control.Society is made of people and people are made of emotions: trust, doubt,love, resentment, hate, fight, lust, truth, despair. We try to find a balanceamong them.Many things are not like their original status: they are distorted anddamaged by human beings.We use money, ambition and control.All that appears is bright, beautiful, calm and tidy but underneath thesurface there is the real essence and revealing it is the purest of theactions.I believe we adapt ourselves at this world, focused only on what is visible.We require a wonderful world in order to fulfil our desires but desiresthemselves can make us feel more depressed, sad and insecure.The hidden figure stands for humanity, soul, mind and love: categories wecannot see and often we don't even want to but we require them, like weneed a simple but nice appearance.Someone feels tired in the world, being disappointed in society but they stillneed to perceive a pleasant view of it.Others want to see only the surface of a natural and wonderful world,where abstract thoughts simply do not exist.Universe has always been contradictory but it has always struggled to lookfor a balance.The line does not refer to the pure and abstract concept without anyfeeling. Instead, straight lines remind to cages' bars, they stay fordepressed and tied down moods.They can moreover be represented through the -stone cold- minimalismlanguage.As previously said, in nowadays society people' lack of self confidencemake people think at the future with distress, avoiding to trust mankind.In the age of information we are all at the mercy of voyeurism and we findourselves swinging from spy and being spied.Desire is a basic instinct that has to be satisfied. The will of professionaland personal establishment, control through sex etc... From simple andnatural desires they have evolved in ' ' of society.How many times we have worn a mask to hide our real selves in order tounleash our original desires?
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