21/04 - 30/05/2016

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Solo exhibition: Elio Marchegiani
“Be plural as the universe is!” Fernando Pessoa’s unique imperative seems to be perfectly consistent with the volcanic search of Elio Marchegiani, an artist who, in his more than sixty years lasting career, has constantly confronted himself with complexity and paradox. 

Dialogic process, complementarity, acceptance of doubt and awareness of interdependence are all factors Marchegiani afforded since the end of the Fifties in his unprejudicedly eagerness for not accommodating the conventions of a system as the art system is, averse to any digression and faithful to few absolute and, for many an aspect, dogmatic principles. Better still, if “a unique simple and understandable idea” is to be asserted, as a famous gallerist once had suggested him. 

Extract from "Elio Marchegiani visual  traps" by  Alberto Fiz


86 years, these are my years of a life that has flown away under the breath of my wind. I would want to better describe this breath that went out from my pen or, better, from my unconsciousness. If the mirror is darkened, I am sure that I’m not feeling old, also thanks to the enthusiasm I still have in the exercise of making and searching, too, going on in my conviction that my produce is a boutique-like rather than a supermarket one. What I want to say is, though respecting the work of some other “speedy” artists, that what I am producing implies very long lasting times of execution, which in turn have been the consequence of previous equally long times of reflection. Accuracy may lead me to work on a piece for up to six months, as it already occurred, before I consider it finished and eligible for not belonging any longer to myself and entering the market circuit.

Extract from  "The Whys and the Wherefores" by Elio Marchegiani 
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